Just Me is a short film about a young mother who gets an opportunity to interview for her dream job, but without reliable childcare, she finds that her dreams may just be too far out of reach.


Writer/Director Darcy Lueking Bahensky wrote the script for Just Me when she was 38 weeks pregnant with her daughter, Georgiana (who would later star in the film). In the days leading up to delivery, many mothers-to-be find themselves pondering some of the massive lifestyle shifts that are rapidly approaching, and Darcy used the uneasy restlessness of this time to record her insecurities in the form of a screenplay.


As it turned out, she created a film that focuses on one particular concern for working mothers across America - The Motherhood Penalty. We all know about the Gender Pay Gap, but we're coming to learn that the true disparity in wages happens when women make the leap into motherhood.


With this film, we hope to capture the day-to-day indignities of a young woman who will be forever impacted by this cultural imbalance.


Just Me was filmed on location in Omaha, Nebraska. We were honored to partner with Monarch Prime + Bar in the historic Hotel Deco for our spectacular interview scene, and The Simpler Times Cottage for our scenes at Miller-Boyne home.